The Best Event I Showed Up To, But Couldn’t Attend

More often than ever before do I find it increasingly difficult to attend events. All too often I am forced to decline an event because I have committed to attend another. This was no exception. Missy McCall and Myra Hargrove from Retire with Real Estate in Cincinnati Ohio provided me with a great opportunity to attend a tour they had coming up with investors. I love the home tours put on by local Turnkey providers, it gives me a chance to spend quality time with the locals and with the attendees, cementing old relationships and creating new ones.

It was on a Cincinnati tour in 2016, where I had experienced the most contrasting human dynamics associated with my appearance vs my business role. Walking into a restaurant where all the attendees of the tour were heading for lunch, I recognized a client of mine from some videos they had done online for their job. She was looking at her phone and walking toward me, shifting my direction slightly to intentionally intercept her on her walking path, I strided more purposefully in her immediate direction.

As I approached I started to raise up my right hand and reach toward her with my palm slightly up to shake at the same time introducing myself. Startled by my presence approaching the edge of her personal space bubble, she had a split second to react. Instinctively, she used her right arm to grip her purse like a football, pull it in tight toward her chest while reversing gears and rolling toward her left to protect her belongings from what appeared, in that instant, to be a potential attacker interested in the contents of her bag.

Stopping my forward movement I smiled and calmly said her name following that with, “I am Aaron Chapman.” The look on her face went from “Just try it sumbitch” to one of thought, looking for error in my statement and finally a huge beaming smile with wide eyed recognition of my name and voice. Releasing the death grip on her purse, it dropped and swung around behind her as the strap pivoted on her shoulder. Lunging forward she gave me a big hug and proclaimed “you dont look like you.” I returned the hug and had to laugh because of the extreme pendulum swing I just witnessed.

That memory in Cincinnati 4 years ago, coupled with several other interactions makes that one of the top 5 events I’ve been to. Now, I had to miss an opportunity to go back to build more relationships in person. I jumped at the chance to sponsor the lunch at the event, provided headshots, print information, and committed to making a video presentation for the investors in attendance to watch where I could share with them how to nullify the effects of compound interest with long term leverage of cash flowing real estate assets.

The day before the event started, I received a text from Myra saying “look who made it to the property tour after all”

Laughing so hard, I damn near choked I had to show my wife Rizzo. She too burst out laughing herself to tears. A text fest ensued between Missy, Myra, Rizzo and I that continued into the next day with photos of attendees packing around the Aaron Chapman “Fathead”. Seeing all the shots and reading all the text feedback, it seemed as though the cardboard me received a better welcome than the real me, and I always feel welcome in that group.

Missy and Myra forwarded the photo showing how exhausted the three of us were from the event letting me know I needed to get my rest because Monday was coming and the attendees were looking to get started on the expansion of their investment portfolios with more Cincinnati investments.

Monday came and did not disappoint. Calls, texts and emails were coming in looking to set up a time to discuss next steps for their Cincinnati properties and recount the weekend tour. Receiving the stories and all the feedback, I have to thank my very good friends Missy, Myra and team for making this by far the very best event I showed up to, but could not attend. Business is a partnership and they showed me what exceptional partners they are. My team and I love them and will damn near shed our own blood to make sure each transaction they have with us continues to receive the greatest attention.

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