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In this episode of the AZREIA Show, hosts Marcus Maloney and Mike Del Prete welcome seasoned lender Aaron Chapman to discuss the importance of consistency, sound judgment, and long-term investment strategies in real estate. Aaron shares his extensive experience from over 25 years in the lending industry, emphasizing the value of single-family rentals as a stable foundation for building wealth. He also delves into the significance of educating the next generation, the potential pitfalls of inconsistent ventures, and the critical role of understanding and maintaining good financial health. Don’t miss Aaron’s valuable insights on becoming bankable and his upcoming sessions at AZREIA’s events in June.

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Today, we have the pleasure of sitting down with the incredibly accomplished Aaron Chapman, a seasoned loan officer and author with a wealth of experience in the finance industry. With a career spanning back to 1997, Aaron has successfully transitioned from various fields, such as mining, heavy equipment operation, welding, and long-haul truck driving, to become a leading figure in real estate finance. His expertise and dedication have propelled him to the top 1% of over 300,000 licensed loan originators, consistently closing over 100 transactions per month. Aaron’s vast clientele includes first-time homebuyers, individuals building their dream homes, and investors looking to expand their property portfolios for long-term financial gain.

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In this insightful episode, we delve into the advantages of locking in low-interest rates with Aaron Chapman, a seasoned expert in investment property lending. He explores the intricacies of forward bulk locks and the impact of economic changes on real estate investment and shares valuable strategies for securing financial growth in an unpredictable market.

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Join us for a dynamic conversation with returning guest Aaron Chapman as we dive into mortgages, investments, and all things numbers! Stay tuned to hear why Aaron urges us to own everything we can and get ready for a discussion packed with valuable insights.

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In this in-depth conversation, Flip and Dani unravel the mind of a finance maverick, exploring his 25 years of experience in helping clients understand, source, and finance cash-flow positive investment properties.

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In this in-depth conversation, Flip and Dani unravel the mind of a finance maverick, exploring his 25 years of experience in helping clients understand, source, and finance cash-flow positive investment properties.

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In this episode, host John Kelley speaks with mortgage loan advisor Aaron Chapman about his origin story as an entrepreneur, the journey from working for others to starting his own business, and his insights on real estate investing, and investments as a whole.

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In this episode, host John Kelley speaks with mortgage loan advisor Aaron Chapman about his origin story as an entrepreneur, the journey from working for others to starting his own business, and his insights on real estate investing, and investments as a whole.

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In this episode, Doug Bennet is joined by, a Real Estate Investment Finance Expert with 25 years of experience.

Like many of us, Aaron has navigated through significant challenges – from losing his job to experiencing an accident that cost him his memory and the use of his legs.

In this candid and heartfelt conversation, Aaron opens up about his personal journey and reveals how these trying circumstances became a catalyst for greater aspirations. He also introduces us to some of his goal-setting mentors and shares a golden nugget for identifying and setting meaningful, impactful goals.

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Investing in real estate in the current economy can be rewarding, offering both financial benefits and opportunities for innovation. So, today, Aaron Chapman joins us to share his expertise that will help you make informed decisions and capitalize on the potential that real estate investment has to offer!!

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A veteran with over 20 years of experience working in the finance industry, Aaron Chapman previously worked in mining, heavy equipment operation, welding and long haul driving. Aaron isn’t your average Real Estate Lender!

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Aaron Chapman joins Marco Santarelli on Passive Real Estate Investing to discuss why mortgage interest rates might not matter.

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Today’s inspirational conversation is with Aaron Chapman. Listen to his courageous journey in real estate after experiencing a severe accident and how he utilized it to gain expertise in asset investments and market analysis. Learn the strategies of today’s economic condition by joining us now!

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from rags to riches: Aaron shares his journey to top 1% in the mortgage industry and his brand-building success

Aaron talks about what inspired him on his journey to where he is today. He also discusses what eye-opening moment helped him realize his brand, why it is important to ask “why” and ask questions and what his advice is to whoever wants to get into the mortgage industry.

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the power of a 30-year fixed mortgage in real estate

In this episode, MJ invites Aaron Chapman, a seasoned finance industry veteran with expertise in real estate, to explore the advantages of investing in real estate using a 30-year fixed mortgage. They discuss market volatility, and the history of mortgage-backed securities and the impact of interest rates on the real estate market. They emphasize the significance of leveraging properties with a 30-year mortgage for long-term wealth creation.

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Your Wake-Up Call to Get Educated About the Lending Industry

Now that there’s inflation, you’ve got to make better investing decisions and fewer mistakes. That’s why Aaron Chapman is with us to share the lending shams to avoid and more tips for your real estate success. He also tells his story of how he went from scavenging coins at a parking lot to being in the top 1% of loan originators in America.

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overcoming short-term memory loss

Ever heard the saying, “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger?” Today’s guest, real estate investor, and mortgage lender Aaron Chapman, learned the meaning of this saying after having his life turned upside down in a motorcycle accident that put him in a severe medical condition.

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instilling confidence in the real estate investor

Aaron joins Allison for this week’s show to discuss all things real estate investing, mortgages, inflation and the future of the industry.

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wrecked physically and financially to the top 1% of mortgage originators

Aaron Chapman’s life was turned upside down. He was doing well in his career and life was good. However, that all changed in an instant when Aaron was caught in a motorcycle accident that put him in a severe medical condition. Aaron’s story is the perfect case study for From Adversity to Abundance.

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why real estate is still the best investment in this economy

Presently ranked in the top 1% in an industry of over 1,400,000 licensed loan originators closing in excess of 100 transactions per month. Aaron is that battle-worn partner every real estate entrepreneur needs to walk thru the tough parts of building a real estate business.

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How to Proceed in Today’s Environment | PREI 405

Today I wanted to bring back a good friend of mine, Mr. Aaron Chapman. He is a 24 year veteran, as in like 1997. That’s how long he’s been in the finance industry. He’s focused on real estate investors and doing investment loans.

How much to today’s higher interest rates really matter?

Today we have good friend and mortgage genius Aaron Chapman on the show. Stay tuned for next week’s extended version of the show!

Are higher interest rates prohibitive to making profits in real estate today?

Today we have good friend and mortgage genius Aaron Chapman on the show. Stay tuned for next week’s extended version of the show!

#1 MORTGAGE BROKER IN THE STATE | 🏠 Homeboys Podcast #67

In today’s episode Aaron gives us his take on the current interest rate and inflationary environment, where he sees things going, and his thoughts on what investors should be doing in a time like this.

Perennial Pride | Creating Confidence from Optimized Daily Experiences

Joining today is Aaron Chapman, a seasoned loan originator joins Tom today to talk about the hardships that helped him get where he is today. They talk about optimized daily experiences that are sustainable and create confidence in people to help them move forward with real estate investing.

Why Real Estate is STILL the Best Investment in This Economy with Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman guests on the Break Away from the Rat Race Podcast.

Lab Coat Agents – Inflation Rates Impacts on Real Estate

In collaboration with LCA Premium as part of the app’s 1-year celebration; this is a relevant webinar you shouldn’t miss as our guest speaker explains the insignificance of interest rates to a real estate investor. Aaron Chapman will help you nail the complicated conversation you’ll have with buyers/investors whose excuse is the mortgage interest rate.

Single Family Rentals in Higher Interest Rates and Inflation with Aaron Chapman

Aaron and I discuss the math and philosophy behind investing with conventional 30-year loans in higher interest rate environments and help the investor understand the multi-dimensional aspects as to why this strategy wins at 7% and at 17% rates. Pearls of wisdom in investing and life success from my great friend. Don’t miss it!

Create, Build, and Manage Daily Show | BizTV Interview

“Everyone has a story to tell, and in business we can all learn from each other’s stories. That is the heart of what makes the Create, Build and Manage Daily Show so special. Each night we visit with five business owners who are living out their entrepreneurship dream.”

Think Realty Podcast #234 – It’s the Nation of Inflation!

Our guest and lender extraordinaire Aaron Chapman, is taking us on a deep dive of inflation and how it is affecting the lending industry. Plus he’ll talk about his app where you can see how much you’re really paying for what you borrowed.

The Investor Relations Real Estate Podcast | I Didn’t Start At Zero – I Started With Knowledge

The Investor Relations Real Estate Podcast
Episode 46 – I Didn’t Start At Zero – I Started With Knowledge
Host: Jonny Cattani
Guest: Aaron Chapman
Producer: April Munson.

Aaron Chapman Quit Jerkin Off Initiative Recreation With Intention

Aaron Chapman discusses working the volatile Mortgage industry successfully through 2008 and 2013 and how being a man of his word has led to great success. The biggest transition came when he decided to be authentic and committed to being true to himself and not what the so called industry pundits said you had to look and act like. We also talk about the Quit Jerkin Off initiative, helping men quit wasting their time and focus on what really matters.

Passive Income Unlocked Episode 166

Today’s distinguished guest is Aaron Chapman. Aaron is an author, and he is also one of the Top 1% Nationally and Ranked amongst the top 25 in 2017-2020 by Scotsman Guide for units closed in the Real Estate Finance industry. He is highly Skilled in financing for the real estate investor aiding in the analysis and structure of multiple financed properties. Some of Aaron’s additional expertise is in Self Employment income/ Credit Analysis and owner occupied Financing. He recently retired from 9 years of service with the local Sheriff’s Office Mountain/ Desert Rescue unit.

Infinite Financial Freedom Podcast – Josh Mettle & Aaron Chapman

Join me today at 11:15 AM MT on the NEO Home Loans Facebook page for a live conversation with Aaron Chapman, real estate and financial advisor with Security National Mortgage.
Aaron is a veteran in the finance industry with 25 years’ experience helping clients better understand, source, and finance cash-flow positive investment properties. He advises over 100 clients a month in the acquisition and financing of their investment properties and primary residences, and he ranks in the top 1% of all mortgage lenders in the entire country.

Industry Insights on Financing with Aaron Chapman

Aaron is a veteran in the finance industry with 25 years’ experience helping clients better understand, source, and finance cash-flow positive investment properties. He advises over 100 clients a month in the acquisition and financing of their investment properties and primary residences, and he ranks in the top 1% of all mortgage lenders in the entire country.
Aaron is a rockstar in the mortgage space and I’m really looking forward to chatting with him. I hope you’ll join us!

Getting Wealthy with Rentals, Inflation and Leaving a Legacy

Today’s show is part 2 of Infinite Banking & Rental Property Investing with Aaron Chapman and Nat Hall. Learn more about getting wealthy with rentals and how to leave a legacy.

Lending to Investors with Aaron Chapman, SecurityNational Mortgage Company | The Real Estate Investing Experience

Interest rates in the U.S. are far higher than the official numbers show, meaning you should only refinance a loan if you plan to reinvest the equity. Aaron Chapman understands investor lending, and he joins us on today’s show to talk about how he got into the business as well as share some facts about refinancing, scaling a company, and his personal habits for success. Aaron tells it like it is, and he starts our conversation talking about his ‘Quit Jerking Off’ philosophy – how it helps him sift through deals and clients more efficiently as well as forming the basis of the content he puts out in his books and YouTube account.

Episode 12: From Broke to Multi-Millionaire with Aaron B. Chapman | The Michael Davidson Podcast

Aaron Chapman is one of the top mortgage brokers in North America doing more than 700 mortgage transactions annually. He’s gone from being completely broke to making millions of dollars a year.

Using Inflation Calculations as a Buy and Hold Success Strategy

Aaron takes the time today to talk about how inflation is a crucial factor that determines your cash flow and how you can make the best out of changing times. For instance, he has seen as much as a 17% decline in rents just during the COVID situation and it is vital for an investor to be able to pivot based on the current market.


Aaron Chapman is a 20-year veteran in the finance industry, a real estate expert, and Branch Manager at SecurityNational Mortgage Company. From pushing herds on a cattle ranch and laying pipe in oil fields, to drilling and blasting in the deep recesses of mines, Aaron has brought his life experiences to the world of finance where he has made thousands of personal connections.

Recreation with Intention – QJO Initiative with Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman and I debrief a three-day extreme sports weekend with his QJO Team and 3 other guests in the AZ desert. We discuss what environment is necessary to achieve personal growth.

Aaron Chapman On Teaching Our Kids the Truth About Wealth & Why Money is a Flowing River

In this episode, I’m joined by loan officer, entrepreneur, investor and author, Aaron Chapman. He shares the big mental shifts we need to have to stop blocking the flow of money.

#69: The Winning Real Estate Mindset with Aaron Chapman | Multi Family Investing Academy

If you’re someone who’s looking to succeed in the real estate space, then this is the episode for you because Aaron doesn’t hold back what it takes to achieve success!

Aaron Chapman – You Don’t Have To Conform | The Chris Medellin Show

Leading loan office, branch manager, author, podcaster, Aaron Chapman meets with Chris to talk about his life and his unique way of generating success.


Jerome Powell stated that there’s no limit to the stimulus they can put out in relief of the coronavirus. So in this episode, I am bringing in three gentlemen who have a lot of experience in what I call the capital markets: Justin Bunch, Aaron Chapman, and Stuart Denyer. All three of them will be addressing the stimulus situation, as well as the changes in the markets as it relates to their various businesses and investments.

Mortgage Rates – How It Really Works (Post COVID-19) With Aaron Chapman

As a loan originator having closed over 3,000 transactions in the past 4 years, his company ranks #14 and an industry of over 300,000 lenders. With that kind of expertise and pulse on financial markets, we are able to take a deep dive into the future of interest rates on mortgages and how real estate investors should think about financing after the coronavirus pandemic.

How to Turn Crisis into Opportunity

With the upheaval in the real estate industry and crazy market swings, now is the time when people make fortunes. Today’s episode is dedicated to getting you focused on and seizing the opportunities others may miss due to the distraction and fear of the times we are living in.

Aaron Chapman – Training The Next Generation [VIDEO]

Humans are creatures of habit, which is why from an early age, people need to be educated about which habits are good and which are potentially destructive. Training the next generation is really the best way to ensure that these habits, values, and motivations are instilled from an early age and not so easily discarded once they go into working environments.

COVID-19 Don’t Stand Still with Aaron Chapman

In this Turnkey Tuesday episode, Mercedes, the turnkey girl is joined with Aaron Chapman, a real estate finance expert and a branch manager at SecurityNational Mortgage Company. Mercedes and Aaron discuss the current economical situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak and what real estate investors should do to overcome this crisis as smoothly as possible. Tune in and find out more!

How to Teach Your Family About the Perpetual Wealth Strategy

Today we’re talking about how family adoption of the Perpetual Wealth Strategy can lead to both better immediate financial habits and the creation of multi-generational wealth. One of our Wealth Strategists and a long-time client share their personal stories, experiences, tips and best practices for getting each member of the family actively involved in family finances.

The Real Estate Investor Mindset | Interview With Aaron Chapman

In this video I get to talk with my good friend Aaron Chapman who is with Security National Mortgage Company. We talk about how the market has changed over the last decade, investors mindset and how they might look at the big picture of real estate investing.

Dentist Freedom Blueprint Ep. #254

Listen in as Aaron discusses the biggest hurdles he has faced, as well as the importance of making decisions that align with your biggest goals. You’ll learn how he pushed through adversity, what got him started working in financing, and so much more.

Think Realty: Great Thinkers

Learning to use what you already have can bring about the most effective change.

Think Realty: Presidents’ Circle: Aaron Chapman

The phrase “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” applies, literally, to Presidents’ Circle member, real estate investor, and mortgage lender Aaron Chapman. Chapman’s journey thus far has been one of perseverance, adaptation, and down-right hard work.

Helping Others Build Wealth Through Real Estate Ownership: Aaron Chapman’s Story

Mega producer Aaron Chapman originates and closes upwards of 700 mortgage loans every year, making him one of the top loan officers in the nation. In this podcast, Josh discovers what drives Aaron toward success, and gets Aaron’s take on some of the challenges that home buyers face in today’s lending environment.

Goal Setting & Inflation for Real Estate Investors with Aaron Chapman

Aaron Chapman, a leading lender who specializes in working with real estate investors, joins us to talk struggling and succeeding despite obstacles in your way and how the power of inflation can benefit real estate investors. Aaron has experienced difficult times, but has risen above them and grown, despite the difficulty of being broke with a wife and kids, losing his ability to walk in a motorcycle accident, and other struggles along the way. His story is a testament to the power of persistence. Oh, yeah, and we talk about real estate and lending, too.

Think Realty Podcast #81 – Aaron Chapman with Security National Mortgage Company

Abhi speaks with Aaron Chapman about Nullifying the 8th Wonder of the World (also known as compound interest). Also, why to consider involving your kids in your real estate investment business, self-storage opportunities, and more!

13 | Making Money in Multifamily Real Estate Podcast: Framing Your Mind When Starting To Invest with Aaron Chapman

Aaron’s primary business is loan origination; he works with people ranging from those purchasing their first home, building their dream home or investing in multiple properties for long-term cash flow. He is presently ranked number 14 in an industry of over 300000 licensed loan originators for transactions closed annually. With a very positive and focused mentality Aaron has exploded his business over the past few years.

Episode 73: Real Estate Investing Profits Master Series

My guest today is LEGENDARY. He is crushing it right now in the mortgage industry. He closed over 700 deals last year! Aaron Chapman is one of the best mortgage loan officers, but don’t expect today’s podcast to be a stuffy banking episode. Aaron isn’t your ordinary mortgage broker – his beard is almost two feet long! But it’s not just his appearance that’s different, it’s his whole approach to real estate investing.

MF Cashflow Podcast

I couldn’t wait to bring Aaron back onto the show! In this episode, we discuss the Biblical reason why nobody likes Mondays & Einstein’s 8th Wonder of the World! You’re not gonna want to miss this one, guys! Enjoy!

Think Realty Podcast #42 – Aaron Chapman of Security National Mortgage

Abhi speaks with Aaron Chapman about non-conventional financing. Plus, why climate-resilient and smart buildings might be the future of REI. And, what’s one thing you can do to stand out from your competitors? Learn that and more!


Learn how to generate passive income and build generational wealth by co-author of Amazon # 1 best selling book – Resilience: Turning Your Setback into a Comeback.


In April, Think Realty launched an initiative to start a meaningful dialogue with legislators in a one-day event called Think Realty’s Day on the Hill.


Aaron Chapman joins Kathy Fetkke on the Real Wealth Show. Aaron has helped real estate investors since 1997 to get the loans they need to build a robust real estate portfolio. He’s not just a loan broker. Aaron Chapman finances about 700 transactions per year for real estate investors and gets to see where they are successful and where they are failing. And he uses that experience to coach others.

How to Build a Strategy to Pass Down Information and Assets to Your Family w/Aaron Chapman

On this episode, Aaron Chapman returns to the show to discuss how you can pass down wealth to your family for generations to come.

Think Like an Investor w/Aaron Chapman

On this episode, we talk with Aaron Chapman, an investment mortgage veteran, to get his advice on how to approach opportunities in property investment.

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Using Your Equity To Buy More Rentals | PREI 158

Aaron Chapman who is a 21-year veteran of the finance industry talks about how to use the equity that you have to buy more rentals. He discusses what HELOC is and why he doesn’t advocate using it for down payments on more properties. Aaron also shares his opinion as to when a refinancing rental portfolio does not make sense and gives some tips on how to make good rate of returns.

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2019 And Beyond – A Lender’s Perspective | PREI 128

Aaron Chapman joins us for a year-end review. We’re going to take a look at 2018 as well as 2019 and see where we’re going. Aaron is a 21-year veteran in the mortgage lending space. He lends his smarts, experience, and insights about the mortgage market and the way the industry is working from a lender’s perspective. Learn what’s going on in the mortgage lending industry, how that’s going to affect us, and what we should be doing in terms of investing.

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Chewing The Financing Fat with Aaron Chapman | PREI 123

Aaron Chapman, 21-year veteran in the financing industry focusing on real estate investing, talks about chewing the financing fat, giving the broader macro and economic perspective on the different rates—from interest to mortgage. Aaron shares how they are going to impact you as a real estate investor as well as how you can take advantage of the lending environment. He also provides his predictions about the mortgage rates over the next six to twelve months. Diving deeper, Aaron gives his thoughts into the claim that renting is cheaper than owning, while going further into the effects of inflation to the purchasing power.


Aaron Chapman joins the master class podcast to talk about lending in Birmingham, Alabama. Aaron is an investor-savvy mortgage broker who does a significant amount of business here in Alabama. He came on the podcast to talk about investing in Alabama for cash flow.


Meet Aaron Chapman, a branch manager real estate finance at Security National Mortgage Company, who will tell you how investing in turnkey properties can make you successful in a fast-paced real estate business, even if you are a
busy professional.


Aaron has been in the finance space for over 20 years, and has been in real estate for a long time too. Hear how he has been helping others achieve that while also growing his own business.


Watch our keynote speaker, Aaron Chapman of Security National Mortgage, speak to AlaREIA on March 9, 2017. Aaron is, in his own words, “the most unconventional conventional lender” in the business.


For turnkey buyers, a big question in the air is, “Did I miss the boat on turnkeys with the interest rates going up?” So should you moves your funds elsewhere or is there an answer for this lingering question?


In this interview with a good friend and Good Success Mastermind Member, Aaron Chapman, Aaron gives us an awesome take on Gratitude and gives an amazing story behind why he is so passionate about it.


Aaron is an expert at helping rental property investors get their deals financed using government backed loan; which is a great way to finance your first 10 deals. Aaron considers himself to be the CFO of his customer’s businesses, and goes out of his way to help investors make good investment choices.


Aaron is an expert at helping rental property investors get their deals financed using government backed loan; which is a great way to finance your first 10 deals. Aaron considers himself to be the CFO of his customer’s businesses, and goes out of his way to help investors make good investment choices.


Mike had an incredible discussion with Aaron Chapman of Security National Mortgage. It was so good we had to divide it into two episodes! Enjoy Part One of their talk.


Mike and Aaron finish their conversation and share incredible knowledge and insight to growing personally and professionally.


Aaron shares knowledge on the industry while enjoying the atmosphere of his Ozark cabin office.


Aaron has been on before, this time he’s talking about how he is setting up his children to succeed after he is gone. This is important for obvious reasons, and some less obvious reasons. Hear why Aaron is doing this, and how he is able to do it for himself, and help others do the same.


When life throws you curveballs and you’ve hit rockbottom, we hope today’s episode encourages you to never give up and work with the end in mind by creating the vision, breaking the big picture into small steps then executing the vision!


Aaron Chapman is a Real Estate Finance Equal Housing Lender for SecurityNational Mortgage Company and he regularly donates his time to the community in Mountain/Desert Rescue.


Aaron Chapman, Branch Manager, Real Estate Finance at SecurityNational Mortgage Company shares how you can overcome seemingly unsurmountable challenges to meet your audacious business goals.

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