Renewal From Obscurity

Walking out the door, I look back on the dimly lit interior of the newly rehabbed “Tanglewood Chapel” after spending my first few nights occupying its updated interior. Twenty-eight months ago, Rizzo and I closed escrow on this 7 acre property and the 2 cabins that sit on it. Over the last 2+ years, an excess of $100,000.00 was invested into rehabbing both cabins and changing the lot. The first to be brought to a newness of use was once a gift shop, now turned office space. Left unoccupied for years, my brother in-law Jim Cartright, along with Rick Ivey, spent many a late night making this a usable place for business yet retaining the peaceful feeling it offered to those who occupied its walls in the past. Now the licensed site for SecurityNational Mortgage in the state of Missouri, I have worked many hours that passed by as if it were an instant when sitting within this peaceful atmosphere.

The extreme nature of the rehab for the old chapel was an entirely different venture. Given that Jim has a full time occupational commitment, it was necessary to use a local contractors for the rehab. Promises were made and broken by many who painted the grand vision of its future when bidding for the job. During the stages of work, I didn’t make others wait on the money they were due, yet waiting seemed to be an increased price I was forced in paying to receive the final product.

My trust was incorrectly placed in some of the promising parties, therefore causing some items to be paid for twice. Now, I stand in view of what it is to be. Renewed to an existence grander than it had started life as an early 1800’s frontier cabin. Its rectangular shape, changed by the Late Lloyd Durre, who moved the fitted logs from their original place to this lot to act as a Chapel for those who wished to commune with others of their faith. A block and stone addition extended the old structure with adaptations made to accommodate lighting and the wooden pews making it a place of spiritual refuge.

The past couple years of taking this from its obscure hiding place under vines and vegetation found many passing by to stop and give a history of their experience within these hand hewn walls. Many couples have shared stories of witnessing a friend or relative’s wedding, only to follow with their own ceremony committing themselves to their spouse on this hollowed site. The craftsman who entered here were tasked with the creative mind and careful hand to ensure the uniqueness of the final product. The man most responsible for the outcome, Mr. Mike French worked relentlessly in his careful placement of every cut, every nail, and every screw to ensure the quality outcome that anyone could honestly call Art. The Plumbing a work of patience by Kevin Montgomery, newly strung electrical by Jeremy Davidson and the cabinets, bar, ladder and toilet set crafted by Peter Ferron.

Each one of these men of industrial art leaving their fingerprints for many to witness, preserving and enhancing what was already a building of local legend. Its personal significance has led me to bring a few close business associates out to experience firsthand what it is like to be at this sacred site. I have filmed several segments for the Paradigm Life “Cash Flow Wealth Summit” in 2017, 2018 with close associates like Gary Pinkerton and Jessie Moy. The latest edition now in dropbox with Gary, as well as, Prof. John Abernathy for 2019.

Wishing I had more of the work on site complete than what we have before us, I could not wait any longer to get additional content for the firing off of my YouTube, print and social media campaign “The QJO Initiative.” With cameras and audio equipment on site, we found ourselves riddled with basic technology issues, construction, heat, humidity and little blood sucking pests. It made all participants look deep inside themselves and decide this is something we really wanted to do. Hours of footage now on these devices the next stages of production begin.

Looking back on what was and what is now, gives me encouragement for the future of the Tanglewood site. What my mind envisions will be exciting to behold when it becomes a physical reality. I will be sharing the updates on the exterior soon.

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